Our Services

House cleaning

From cleaning your bathroom and kitchen to tidying and organizing the rest of your rooms, our house cleaning services declutter and disinfect your space so that you and your family can fully enjoy your home.

Packers and Movers

Moving homes can be stressful. Leave it to our professional, reliable, and trustworthy service providers who will safely pack and move your entire household to your new home.


Book one of our experienced professional painters to transform your space. From painting just one room to an entire house, AOTG painters can do it all and provide indoor and outdoor services.


When facing plumbing issues, it can be difficult to find fast, reliable help. AOTG plumbers are experienced and offer excellent value for money. Whether you need to fix a sink or want to renovate a bathroom, let our plumbers assist you.


Some things are better left to the experts. When you incur electric issues, it’s safer to let a professional electrician assist you. Get help rewiring your house, fixing a lamp, or adding outlets through our AOTG specialists who are ready to serve you.

Pest control

Struggling with bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, or rats? AOTG pest control service providers guarantee a thorough job that will leave your house disinfected, safe, and free from pests.

Pressure wash

Nothing is as effective as pressure washing to clean outdoor walkways and tiles. Equipped with high-quality tools, our pressure wash service providers will transform the outdoors quickly, safely, and well.

Carpet cleaning and maintenance

Many people forget how important it is to clean their carpets regularly. For all your carpet cleaning and maintenance needs, our AOTG specialists can help you with fast, high-quality services at fair rates.


Whether you need event, family, personal or corporate photos, our professional photographers can meet your individual needs. Find a photographer in your city and contact them today!